For Authors

The journal does not levy any charges for publishing and rewieving.

If you apply for publication, you argee with non-commercial use of the material and its availiability on the web-site and in electronic databases under the license «Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0» Creative Commons License . You also should sign the agreement concerning distribution policy. Author’s rights remain with the authors of the texts.

Authors who are interested in publishing in the almanac must within one year (until 1st September) provide manuscripts prepared according to the journal requirements for reviewing.
Materials by masters and postgraduate students must be accompanied by a review of the scientific adviser, certified according to the established forms. For other authors a review by a third-party specialist, certified in accordance with the established forms, is encouraged.

Reviews are permitted to provide in electronic form, but in the case of a positive decision of the editorial board, originals or fax must be sent by post before the deadline for the adoption of the articles.

The decision to publish the manuscript or to refuse publication accepted at the editorial board meeting in accordance with the recommendations of the reviewers, and the author is informed about the decision.

No more than one article by one author is published in the same issue of the almanac. As an exception, independent research article and publication of a source-text, or a note in the chronicles of the scientific and religious life could be published. Articles by the same authors are published at least with one year break. In cases of exceptional scientific importance of a manuscript editorial board reserves the right to change the rules for the submission publications and its order.