Issue III (2014)

Prilutsky A. M. Theology and religious studies: interaction of paradigms and concepts (instead of a foreword)

Philosophy of religion


Prilutsky A. M. On the temporal specific of religious ritual

Lebedev A. Y., Fedorov A. V. The “New Age”culture in the context of scientific rationality and Christian theological religiosity

Religion and society


Stahl R. Die lutherische Kirche in der Gemeinschaft der anderen christlichen Konfessionen und der anderen Religionen

Golovushkin D. A. From religious reform movement to the Church: Problems of institutionalization of Russian Orthodox Renovationism during the Soviet Period of Russian history

Grigorenko A. Y. Eschatology of the old believers: social discourse

History and culture


Ancient religiosity

Kudryavtseva T. V. Ideas of justice and fairness in the Greco- Roman magic tablets: a comparative-historical aspect

Sharnina A. B. Intrusion of Galli into Delphi and festival Soteria (the inviolability of the sanctuaries and the states — from the custom to the agreement)

Vasil’ev A. V. Ancestral masks of the princeps as one of the instruments of imperial propaganda in the period of Julio-Claudian dynasty

Christian Church and heresies

Sofyan A. B. The Christian martyrs in Armenia: Three portraits, three fates

Panteleev A. D. «Some of the heresies have a great many martyrs»: Martyrdom in the non-orthodox Christianity (II–III cent.)

Grigorenko Anatoliy Y. Concerning views of the Novgorod heretics

Cultural specifics of Protestantism

Lurie Z. A. Protestant theater of the 16–17th centuries as a historical and cultural phenomenon

Prokopiev A. Y. Confession and name: Male names of German Protestant nobility in the 16–17thcenturies

Mäkelä J. Baptism, Lutheran Confession and Ecumenical Relations. Three Contexts

Source- and text studies


Kargaltsev A. V. The martyrdom of Montanus and Lucius: Introductory article, Russian translation and commentary

Przhigodzkaja O. V. Ancient authors in the Synesius’ speech „De Regno”

Sutorius K. V. Manuscripts of theological lectures by Sylvester Kulabka in the Kyiv-Mohila academy 1739–1745

Criticism and bibliography


Pogasiiy A. K. Review on: Mustaev R. Sh., Salihov N. R. Osnovyi konfessionalnyih znaniy: Uchebnoe posobie [Fundamentals of confessional knowledge: Textbook], Kazan: 2013

Krylov P. V. Review on: Makarov I. V. Ocherki istorii reformatsii v Finlyandii (1520–1620 gg.): Formirovanie natsionalnoy tserkovnosti. Portretyi vyidayuschihsya deyateley finskoy Reformatsii [Notes on history of Reformation in Finland (1520s–1620s): Development of national churchism and portraits of leading churchmen], Saint-Petersburg, 2007

Isaev S. A. “Here we stand. Who are the Lutherans?” by Herman Sasse: Why this is not a good book should be translated into Russian [Zasse G. Na tom stoim. Kto takie lyuterane? [Here we stand. Who are Lutherans?] (Transl. K. Komarov; Ed. A. Komarov), Saint-Petersburg: 1994

Chronics of scientific and religious events


Pihkala U. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and its ecumenical relations

Palamarchuk A. A. Pilgrimage to shrines as pilgrimage of shrines

Pogasiiy A. K. Master programm “Religion and Legal studies“