Issue IX (2020)


Prilutskiy A. M.

Philosophy of religion

Lazarev S. S. William of Pagula and Ideas on the Sacrament of the Eucharist
Kargaltsev A. V. On the peculiarities of Martin Luther’s exegesis
Youssim M. A. Cardinal Gasparo Contarini and John Calvin on predestination
Kamphuis B. The article by which the church stands or falls
Stahl R. The sixth supplication of the Lord’s Prayer: God, the Father, does for us the good

Religion and society

Kolb R. The Experience of Being Luther’s Student
Marchukova S. M. On the theological aspect philosophical and educational project of J. A. Comenius: a view from the 21st century.
Nikolsky E. V. Eschatology and philosophy of history of the tsarebozhniks sectarians

History and сulture

Medieval history

Shishkin V. V. The role of Queen Anna Yaroslavna in the formation of the ecclesiastical household of France
Nosova E. I. Church in defense of Family Strategies: Vidimus Nicolas de Ripemont, Abbot Gembloux,from the collection of N. P. Likhachev
Leonova T. A. «The Cleric must look according to his status»: Visual socialization of the parish clergy in medieval England

History of the confessional era

Le Person X. Pretences of hatred: The accession of Henri IV seen by Sébastien Le Pelletier, priest, theologian, grammarian of the choir boys of chapter of Chartres from his original manuscript (1579–1592)
Belyaev M. P. Calvinists at the Torun religious colloquium in 1645

Church art

Kuznersova N. S. Octagonal Roman columned ciboriums of the 12th century: origin of the form Lawson J. English Church design in its liturgical practice and belief through the centuries
Klishevich E. A. Traditions of Antique sculpture in external décor of the Russian Orthodox churches in the period of classicism

Source- and text studies

Nikulina E. N. Religious-song section of A. Diesterweg’s manual for teachers «Der Unterricht in der Klein-KinderSchule»: introduction and translation
Savinov R. V. Сriticism of Рossibility of Natural Theology in William Ames’ «Disputatio theologica adversus ethicam» (Preface to the publication)

Criticism and bibliography

Nosova E. I. Review on the monograph by P. V. Krylov «Exempla incarnata: epic of Jeanne d’Arc and world of medieval men»
Lurie Z. A. Reflection of humanism in Protestant Germany: review on the teaching aid by M.A. Polyakova «Pedagogy of Cinquecento»

Chronics of scientific and religious life

Danilov E. S. On the research project of Yaroslavl’ State University named after P. G. Demidov on the study of ancient beliefs
Kovalev V. A. «And when I send for you, come hither mask’d»: shakespearelogy in the pandemia time. Review of 18th Internetional Scientific Conference «Shakespeare readings 2020»