Issue V (2016)

Prilutsky A. M. Academic approach to religion: new challanges (instead of a preface)

Philosophy of religion


Pihkala J. People of God: historical and theological perspectives

Ivanenko A. I. The problem of the Middle Ages in the Martin Luther’s theology

Litvin T. V. Jean Grondin. To the composition of «Truth and Method»: introductory article and Russian translation

Religion and society


Kravtsova E. S. From Inquisitores Sedis Apostolicae to enqueteurs de Roi: franciscans in France in the first half of the 13th century

Logutova M. G. Manuscript books as a structuring factor of the Devotio Moderna religiosity

History and culture


European civilization  in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Time

Leonova T. A. «If Pope is a Frenchman, then an Englishman is Christ»: the English context of the struggle for sovereignty with the Avinion Papacy

Restif B. The Cardinal of Lorraine and the liturgy in Reims

Kopelev D. N. Creation of an enemy: assassinations in Blois and desacralization of Henrich III

Prokopiev A. Yu. Secular and spiritual power in the early Lutheran Orthodoxy: Polykarp Leyser the Elder (1552–1610)

Protestantism in Russia

Shaposhnik V. V. Protestants at the court of the Ivan the Terrible

Shkarovskii M. V. The Ministry of the bishop Arthur Malmgren

Source- and text studies


Barushnikov A. Ye. The tongue-tied dead: burials and cemetries as a source for sociocultural change in the south-east of Britain at the turn of the new era

Avril Y. La Vie de saint Etienne de Perm d’Epiphane le Sage  et la version qu’en donne G. S. Lytkin

Tihomirov A. V. Fake pearl: chants of Paul Gerhardt in Russian translation

Criticism and bibliography


Krylov P. V. Review on the monography «Lyuterane v Karelii: Istoricheskie zametki» [Lutherans in Karelia: Historical notes] by S. E. Yalovitsyna(Petrozavodsk, 2016)

Chronics of scientific and religious events


Palamarenko E. V. Pilgrimage to the Holy Land at the present stage

Reutter G. Über die Konferenz «Auswirkungen der Reformation auf Russland»

Ivanov M. V. About participation of the St. Mary Cathedral in  the «Night of Museums»