Issue VI (2017)

Prilutsky A. M. New answers to old challenges (instead of a preface)

Philosophy of religion


Stahl R. Martin Luther inspiriert und regt zum Widerspruch an. Teil 1

Pihkala J. Truth and tolerance: what are the borders of the acceptable plurality in Christian faith?

Sheshenin R. K. «The Religious Sense» by Luigi Giussani: historical and theological context

Religion and society


Lebedev V. Yu. On psychological aspects of bigotry

Golovushkin D. A. Dialectics of religious renovation: secular and Christian views

History and culture


Early Church: Disciplinary Schism

Mamontov A. L. The Donatist Hagiography and the Roman State

Kargaltsev A. V. «Сonfitentium dignitas, a desertoribus et profugis recessisse»: Novatian’s schism

Martin Luther and perceptions

Kolb R. Godliness with Contentment: The Significance of Contentment for Martin Luther’s Understanding of Society

Debbagi-Baranova Т. How to speak to people about heresy? First prints against the Reformation in French (1520–1530)

Catto М. Luther’s representations and interpretations in the early Modern age. The Italian case

Reformers: life and work

Pociūtė C. Pietro Paolo Vergerio — the first publisher of reformatory polemical works in Lithuania (1556)

Beliaev M. P. John Bergius, a prominent figure of the Brandenburg Reformation

Friesen W. Andreas Osiander: an Ideologue of Russian-German rapprochement efforts

Socio-cultural aspects of the Reformation

Naumov N. N. Sigismund of Luxembourg, imperial reform and the problem of the «pre-reform movement» in the 15th century

Poliakova M. A. Regulation of school work in the German rules of the confessional era and the first German schools in Moscow

Tauber V. A. The problem of adiaphora and  religious controversies in England in the late 1550s–1560s

Source- and text studies


Buettner С., von. On the issue of rendering the Four-Letter Name of God in Russian translations of the Old Testament texts

Criticism and bibliography


Smith J. Ch. On the Road with Luther: Thoughts on a Few Jubilee Exhibitions

Isaev S. A. Review on the monography by V. A. Bachinin «Europeamn Reformation as spiritual war» (Kiev, 2017)

Krylov P. V. The tribute of the University of Turku to the 500th anniversary of Reformation. Review of the monography «Pohjoinen Reformaatio» (Helsinkii, 2016)

Chronics of scientific and religious events


Savinov R. V. Review of the International Scientific Conference «Reformation and Protestantism in World History»

Rudoy A. About the conference timed to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, held at the Theological Institute of the Church of Ingria

Ivanov M. V. New Study Bible of the Lutheran Church of Ingria