Issue VII (2018)

Prilutskiy A. M. According to the established tradition

Philosophy of religion


Tihomirov A. V. Oscillations of love. Relationship of Law and Gospel in the context of the theology of the process (on the example of the theology of Katherine Keller)

Stahl R. Martin Luther inspiriert und regt zum Widerspruch an. Teil 2.

Cortright Ch. L. Luther on infant Baptism: «On Rebaptism» (1528) and «Large Catechism» (1529)

Religion and society


Lebedev V. Yu. Trickster discourse in сurrent religious and сultural context

Mashevskaya S. M. Relevance of plays by J. A. Comenius for theatres at modern Sunday schools

Ivanenko A. I. Method of calculation of Christians in Russia (on the example of the Church of Ingria)

History and сulture


Panteleev A. D. New inscriptions, amulets and history of the early Christianity: the Antonine age

Kargaltsev A. V. The religious policy of Septimius Sever in the light of anti-Christian persecution

Pichugina V. K. Multi-specifity of Augustin’s pedagogy: bulding the Christian paideia

Source- and text studies


Andersen V. V. Caesarius of Heisterbach. Dialogus miraculorum. Dictio V: On demons. Russian translation, preface and commentary

Nosova E. I. Who are the judges? Charter of the King of France John II Good in favor of the Cathedral of Laon (1352)

Sutorius K. V. Theological course of Sylvester Kulabka at the Kiyv-Mohyla Academy (1741–1745) and influence of the Lutheran scholastics

Criticism and bibliography

Palamarchuk A. A. Review on the book «The Oxford History of Anglicanism» (Oxford, 2017)

Savinov R. V. Review on collect of Luther’s works «On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church» edited by Ivan Fokin (Saint-Petersburg, 2017)

Isaev S. A. Landmarkist Baptism: now in Russia! Review of the book by V. N. Sobolev «Baptists: who are they?» (Chelyabinsk, 2015)

Chronics of scientific and religious life


Zukov E. V. Herzen school of religious studies

Prilutskiy A. M. International Scientific Conference «Traditional religions for strong Russia: religion and politics in the multipolar world»

Rudoy A. V. About the conference held at the Theological Institute of the Church of Ingria