Issue VIII (2019)

Prilutskiy A. M. Study of religion in 2019: problems and prospects

Philosophy of religion

Lane T. Cyril of Alexandria and the Incarnation

Isaev S. A. Doctrine of Law by St. Nicholas of Serbia (1880–1956): an Attempt of Systematization and Estimation

Kopylov I. A. El carácter sintético de las creencias de Luis de Carvajal el Mozo

Religion and society

Orachev A. Orpheus in Thracian Rural Beliefs and Rites

Lenkov P. D. Social ministry in Buddhism: analysis of relevant concepts

Salvarani L. Oporinus’ Dramata Sacra anthology (Basel, 1547): a historical and educational reading

Ehricht Ch. Etsi Deus non daretur. Hugo Grotius und der Krieg. Theologische Überlegungen und exemplarische historische Darstellungen über den Begründer des modernen Völkerrechts und Wegbereiter der europäischen Aufklärung

History and culture

Kovalev V. A. Church tradition and Coronations in Medieval England

Berezhnaya N. A. The Formation of the Evangelical Confession in Germany: Melanchthon and religious polemics in the middle of the 16th century

Roth M. The abdication of Margrave George Friedrich of Baden-Durlach — an act of «political prudence»?

Zarković V. S. Roman Catholic Propaganda in the Service of Ausria-Hungary in Old Serbia at the End of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th centuries

Source- and text studies

Zhestokanov S. M. The legendary history of Greece in the chronological tables of Eusebius of Caesarea

Barzakh Z. A. «Exodus» (Ἐξαγωγή) of Ezekiel the Tragedian: introductory article and translation

Lurie Z. A., Polyakova M. A. «Instructions of the Visitors to Parishers in Electoral Saxony» by Philip Melanchthon: introductory article and the commented translation of the chapters «On everyday activities in churches» and «On schools»

Savinov R. V. Philosophy and Theology in early Puritanism: William Ames’ Criticism of Metaphysic

Criticism and bibliography

Krylov P. V. Being a Christian in the Middle Ages. Review on: Jean Verdon «Être chrétien au Moyen Âge» (Paris, 2018)

Seregina A. Yu. Material aspects of the early Modern religious culture and popular history: a review of British exhibitions dedicated to the jubilee of the Reformation

Chronics of scientific and religious life

Golovushkin A. D. 3rd Congress of the Russian Religious Society «Religion and Religion: Discourses and Practices»

Palamarchuk A. A. Discussion on parishes in the Catholic Archdiocese of Mother of God in Moscow: expectations and mechanisms

Arutyunova A. In connection with Godly Play trainings in Russia: a little about the technique itself