Issue XI (2022)


Prilutskiy A. M. Lessons of friendship

Philosophy of religion

Buettner C. A., von. Numerical Symbolism in the Letter of Aristeas: influence of the Old Testament tradition
Kamaldinov A. V. Аpologia of marginal religiosity in the discourse of modern Russian atheism
Mikhel D. V., Reznik O. N. About the need of theological approach to ethical issues in biomedicine and biomedical technologies

Religion and society

Lebedev V. Y., Prilutskiy A. M. Prophecies of «youth Vyacheslav» as an eschatological discourse about disasters
Boya K. S. Major socio-eco-political changes that may pose challenges for modern churches as not-for-profit organisations

History and сulture

Ancient religions and early Church

Orachev A. S. Was there an «Orphica magica» in the monuments from Thrace?
Kargaltsev A. V. Slaves in early Christian communities basing on the North African hagiography
Mamontov A. L. Internal conflicts of Donatists’ and their suppression: political and ecclesiastical factor


Shaposhnik V. V. Metropolitan Macarius during the period of boyar rule (1542–1547)
Petrov I. V. Activities of archpriest Pavel Kalinkin during the Second World War as factor of parish division in the Narva dioces

Source- and text studies

Akhmanova V. Yu. Binding spells on the example of four defixionum tabellae from North Africa

Criticism and bibliography

Lakhtinen N. S. Review on the monograph by V. I. Guerrier «Blessed Augustine»
Krylov P. V. Review of V. I. Musaev’s monograph «Non-confessional Christian communities in the North–West of Russia in 1900–1930»

Chronics of scientific and religious life

Rubtsova S. Yu., Reznichenko E. A. Approaches to the study of Christianity at St. Petersburg State University: a brief overview of the 300th anniversary of the University
Levin I. V. Seventh-day Adventism — the legacy and reception of the Reformation