Issue XII (2023)


Prilutskiy A. M. Summing up 2023

Philosophy αnd theology

Pushkov T. G. Clement of Alexandria’s Logos Pedagogue and Isaiah’s Servant (42:1–8 and 52:13–53:12): Missed Theological Perspectives
Khramov P. A. Did Mark intend to end the Gospel with verse 16.8? Arguments «for composition»
Rudaya O. A. Оn the Term Sacrifice of Representation in the Lutheran Liturgical and Theological Context
Subbotin K. Yu. Sanctification and Theosis in Sergey Stragorodsky’s Understanding of Justification

Religion and society

Leontiev E. S. Parable of the Young Rich Man and Christ: the use in the early Christian tradition
Κοlb R. The Written Text between Ancient and Reformation-Era Proclamations
Berezhnaya Ν. Α. Biblical Stories in the Funeral Sermons of the Electors of the Palatinate of the second half of the 16th century
Suokunnas S. Jumalanpalveluksen olemus ja teologia. Messun historiaa, arviointia ja teologiaa Suomen kirkon v. 2000 hyväksytyn Jumalanpalvelusten kirjan äärellä

History and сulture

Panteleev A. V. «Wealth is like a Snake»: Money, Martyrdom, Apostasy and Struggle for Power in Early Christian Tradition (1st – early 4th century)
Kargaltsev A. V. Spiritual and Literary Precursors of Christian Writers in Roman North Africa: Urban Specifics
Lazarev S. S. Hagiography as genre of medieval historical writing (basing on biographies of Edward the Confessor)Talonen J. Status and Development of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia from 1918 to 2018. An Outline

Source- and text studies

Vinogradov N. A. Epistle of Bishop John of Antioch to Firmus, Bishop of Caesarea of Cappadocia. Translation and commentary
Polyakova M. A., Lurie Z. A. Ulrich Zwingli’s «Brief Instruction» on Christian Education and Upbringing: Introductory Article, Translation and Commentary
Lakhtinen N. D. Eucharistic Divine Service of Church of Ingria, according to the order of the Service Book of 1629: Introduction, Translation, Comment
Krylov P. V. Papal nunciature in France and struggle for freedom of Catholic faith in Denmark: document from the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Chronics of scientific and religious life

Radinovich D. D., Kotov A. I., Weber D. I. In memory of Anatoly Pavlovich Bakhtin (1949–2023)
Popov S. O. About two conferences at the Theological Institute of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria
Arkkila R. Luterilaisen lähetysteologian päälinjoja