Pilgrimage to shrines as pilgrimage of shrines

Palamarchuk Anastasia Andreyevna, PhD, assistant professor, Institute of History, Saint-Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia), sir.henry.finch@gmail.com

Palamarchuk A. A. Pilgrimage to shrines as pilgrimage of shrines, Religiya. Tserkov’. Obshchestvo. Issledovaniya i publikatsii po teologii i religii [Religion. Church. Society: Research and publications in the field of theology and religious studies], Saint-Petersburg, 2014, vol. 3, pp. 337–340.

doi: 10.24411/2308-0698-2014-00023

Language: Russian

URL: http://rcs-almanac.ru/palamarchuk-2014-en/

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